Going Green at Home

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on February 7, 2012.

From Business Electricity Texas providers to your home energy company, everyone on the top tier does their part to be environmentally responsible here in Texas. If you’re looking for a few ways you and your family can give back take some advice from us:
Plant a Garden: Even if it’s just a few herbs or vegetables it’s great for the soil and the air quality and it’s something to get you eating healthier and feeling better about yourself. Families, this is a good option for the kids to get involved in, too.
Unplug Appliances: Take the time to unplug all your appliances before you leave the house, or at least the ones you don’t use regularly. Some usual suspects are the toaster and unused TVs – they’re sucking energy even when they’re not on and that’s costing you money!
Compost: Make sure your trash is being recycled if it cando it yourself! Start a compost pile in your backyard and use it to fertilize your new garden, too! It’s a great way to feel good about throwing food waste away.