Easy Ways To Live In The Green

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There are simple and easy ways to live green. For those of you who do not know what “green” is, it is where you use energy safe ways to give back to the environment and help maintain our resources. There are several ways in which you can give back to the environment just by simply living your life. You do not need special steps that get in the way of your life to try to make a difference. If every person does at least one thing to keep the environment up, (more…)

Easy Does It, Easy Recycle It

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There is little nowadays that can not be recycled. Most districts have places where you can recycle glass, tin, paper, cardboard, plastic and other household waste. But just about everything can have a second, or even third or fourth, life.

Kitchen scraps can be turned into compost and feed your garden for a fraction of commercial products. Old clothes and unwanted toys can easily be taken to resale and goodwill stores to find use in someone’s (more…)

Be Environmentally Friendly And Still Be Cool

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Be environmentally friendly and still be cool by following a few tips for your home, style and life choices. If you live in an area where the summer can become warm, but want to save energy cost and keep a green home, there are several ways to take advantage of green cooling. Begin by taking a survey of your home and the rooms you spend the most time in. You want to remove as much junk as possible from the (more…)

How To Live The Green Way

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Being environmentally friendly is something that can easily be done by anyone. There are many simple things that can be done in one’s daily life to live the green way. It does not necessarily take an entire shift in the way one does things, but with simple changes it is easy to become more environmentally conscious.

In the home, replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent bulbs will save energy and money. These bulbs burn much longer than traditional ones. By turning (more…)